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Understanding Docker for Windows


Docker on Windows 10 and Server 2016 course is designed in a such a way that anyone with good basic understanding on Docker and cloud infrastructure can easily get to know how beautifully Docker on windows is designed by Microsoft and docker team for 2 years !

In this course we will discuss starting from

  • Basic of Docker on Windows
  • Working with Hyper-V containers
  • Understanding the advantages of Hyper-V containers over Virtual machines
  • Understanding and working with Server containers
  • How different Server containers are compared to Hyper-V containers
  • Namespace isolation and different levels of isolation provided by docker 

This course is really very helpful for DevOps who have been struggling for years with virtualization and cloud infrastructures.

Course Curriculum

An Introduction to Docker for Windows 00:00:08
Installing and getting started
Installing and getting started with Docker for Windows 00:10:00
Getting upto the speed with Dockers 00:10:00
Hyper-V containers with Windows 10
Making Windows container for Docker to work 00:09:00
Understanding Hyper-V Containers for Windows 00:10:00
Installing IIS On Hyper-V Containers 00:08:00
Windows 2016 Server Containers
An Introduction to Windows Server 2016 Container in-depth 00:09:02
Installing and working with Windows Server Container 00:10:03
Working with File System Isolation 00:08:22
Understanding Namespace isolation in-depth 00:04:31
Understanding Process Isolation in Docker On Windows 00:06:12
Understanding Network Isolation in Docker on Windows 00:00:00
Working with SQL Server 2016 with SQL Server Images from docker hub 00:08:07
Scaling out with Docker on Windows as a Microservices
Scaling out with Docker on Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 00:06:18
Working with DockerFile and deploying our EARS reporting 00:16:30

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